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Terrie Clydesdale 14 min read

How Does the Cost of an Assisted Living Facility Compare to the Cost of Living at Home?

Cost. That’s often the primary driver of so many decisions we make in life. Regardless of whether it’s the seniors themselves or their families, the conventional wisdom is that assisted and independent living facilities come with a significant cost increase compared with the average monthly expenses of living at home.

However, the truth is the cost of living in a senior care facility is often comparable to the cost of living at home. Plus, the benefits from 24/7 care and support — to say nothing of a community environment designed to help seniors maintain an active, engaged way of life — actually make senior care facilities a more cost-effective lifestyle. 

Let’s take a quick look at how the cost of senior living facilities compares to the costs of living at home, and how TLC ensures seniors and their families get the most out of their transition to assisted living.

What are the average costs for seniors living at home?

It’s easy to lose track of how expenses for seniors living at home can add up, especially given everything seniors have on their plate when maintaining a life lived in their own home. To demonstrate how expensive it can be for seniors to live at home, here’s a quick breakdown of some of the larger expenses seniors must account for in Illinois.

Average Monthly Costs for Seniors Living at Home in Illinois  

Mortgage payment


Property taxes


Homeowners insurance




Cable and internet


Home maintenance and repairs


Cost of food and supplies


Cost of car ownership (fuel, insurance, maintenance)


Total monthly expenses 


These are just some of the costs seniors must face when living at home, and they don’t include things like in-home medical care or regular housekeeping services, which includes things like cleaning, laundry, food preparation, or even light home upkeep or maintenance. The average monthly expenses for these services in Illinois are outlined below. 

Average Monthly Cost of Home Health Care and Housekeeping Services in Illinois 

Average cost of in-home health care services (monthly, depending on the level of care)

$5,000 +

Average cost of housekeeping/homemaker services (monthly)


Aside from the monthly costs, there are some significant complications with orchestrating regular in-home care, as the home health industry is currently grappling with a significant labor shortage due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. This issue is creating logistical problems for seniors in scheduling and maintaining regular in-home care and support. 

There’s also the fact that living at home can make seniors feel extremely isolated and alone, and the health and safety risks seniors can encounter with a living at home lifestyle can create significant worry and anxiety for both seniors and their families. While these costs are harder to quantify on a monthly budget tracker, they’re just as important if not more so in helping seniors live an active, rewarding life.

What is the average cost of an assisted living facility, and what does this cost include?

A recent study found the average monthly cost of an assisted living facility was just $4,500, which offers some significant cost savings when you remember that assisted living facilities are so more than a source of housing. And it’s not just the financial hardships they help alleviate — it’s also the difficulty and burden many seniors face when trying to maintain an at-home lifestyle. 

For example, the amenities, services, and support that are included in the annual cost of an assisted living facility include:

  • Meal preparation and dining services
  • Personal care and grooming
  • Housekeeping and maintenance of the facility and living space
  • Medication assistance and support
  • 24/7 access to medical care
  • Entertainment and socialization opportunities

Why should seniors choose TLC instead of living at home?

At the TLC Living Community, our philosophy of care is designed to help residents continue leading vibrant, active lifestyles with a sense of wellbeing that comes from having all the comforts of home under one roof without the financial stress of living at home.  

Opened in 2020, our 62-apartment campus features studio, one, and, two-bedroom floorplans. Plus, we provide our residents with a variety of amenities such as our world-class restaurant-style or casual dining options, full-service salon, movie theater, library and media center, and 24/7 access to in-house medical care.

Our commitment to providing a superior independent and assisted living facility earned TLC the Best of Senior Living Award from A Place for Mom in 2021, 2022, and, most recently, in 2023, and it’s also helped us establish ourselves as the premier senior care facility in the region. This commitment to a personalized care plan for every resident is a big part of why seniors and their families put their faith in our assisted living models.

Even with all this, there's still more to learn about why TLC is the premier assisted living facility in the region. We would love to show you around, and help you see for yourself why our residents call TLC home. Learn more about TLC and schedule your personalized, private tour today!